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The main reason many people play in online casinos is to win money. Casinos understand this, so they offer tons of payment methods for UK players to withdraw their earnings. To withdraw, all you need to do is ensure that you have met the minimum withdrawal amount and met the wagering requirements. Then, head to the account/banking section, choose one of the casino payment methods and get your earnings.
Even though this seems like a very simple process, it can be difficult to handle without the right information. Therefore, we have put together this guide to teach you everything you need to know about the payment methods in casinos. You will also learn how to make online payments and choose the one that is right for you.

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Providers of the Top Online Casino Payments

Like we mentioned earlier, there are numerous casino payment methods available in online gambling casinos. These ensure that you can easily deposit funds and start playing in your preferred casino. And when you win, they make certain you have no problems withdrawing your earnings and using them how you please.

These payment methods don’t come from the same payment provider, which is why some are better than others. The payment provider is responsible for powering the payment method and ensuring it meets the set standards.
Because some payment providers have perfected the art better than others, you are more likely to find them in online platforms. A few of these include PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, etc. When you spot these providers in a casino, you can choose them and rest easy, knowing that your deposit and withdrawals will be made without any problems.

Key Factors On Choosing Casino Payment Method

You want your deposits and withdrawals to be flawless when playing in a casino. This means you will need to choose the best payment method available. However, this may be difficult if you don’t know how to go about it since some payment methods are better than others. Fortunately, there are a few factors you can consider which will help you determine the best casino payment methods available. They include:

Quick casino payment guide

Making casino payments can be difficult without the right information. Use our step-by-step guide below to do this without any hassles.
Estimated time needed: 00:05 Tools needed: Our extensive payment listLaptop/mobile Supply needed: InternetCash
Quick guide to casino payment step 1
Go through our list Navigate our list of payment methods for the one that best suits you alongside the supported casinos. Step 1
Quick guide to casino payment step 2
Register and make a deposit Register in your preferred casino and deposit by selecting the payment method you choose. Step 2
Quick guide to casino payment step 3
Play and have fun Play your favourite game and have fun in the process. If you are lucky, you just might win. Step 3
Quick guide to casino payment step 4
Withdraw your earnings Use your chosen payment method to withdraw your earnings by heading to the banking/cashier section and clicking withdraw. Step 4

Debit Cards and Credit Cards

Debit and Credit cards are one of the most popular payment methods you can find today. They are extremely safe, secure, and offer fast transactions, which is why you will find them in most casinos today. Debit and credit cards have changed how we make payments today, both offline and on the internet.

These cards are linked directly to the owner’s bank account to ensure instant payment with the least stress. Users will only be able to spend the amount they have in their bank, which ensures easy budgeting. Also, the leading online casinos allow users to make deposits in minutes and start to play their favourite casino games.

In terms of security, casinos have numerous measures to ensure all transactions are completely encrypted and safe. And if a player wins real money, withdrawing funds takes no more than 3 days in most casinos. Because of all the benefits these cards offer, you will find numerous types that you can use to play in online casinos. We have reviewed some of the best options for debit and credit cards you can find in online casinos below to ensure this is not a problem for you when you decide to play.

VISA Casino

VISA is the largest supplier of credit cards today, which is why more visa casinos are popping up. It has placed itself among the leading payment option due to its history of being one of the most secure payment options. Today, almost everyone has one or more credit cards used to make purchases online, including making deposits in a casino account. VISA cards are as great as debit cards since they offer almost instant deposits and withdrawals and offer you top-notch protection against fraud. The best part is that the fees attached are minimal and even non-existent in specific online casinos.

MasterCard Casino

MasterCard is one of the leading credit and debit cards provider asides from Visa. MasterCard casinos are safe, and UK players will be sure of only quality experience. MasterCard has numerous cards that UK players can use for payment, including credit, debit or prepaid cards, depending on your need. And the best part is that almost every casino supports the use of these cards. Sometimes, you may enjoy bonuses that are not accessible with other payment methods when using this option in casinos. And there is usually no fee attached which makes it an ideal choice for UK players who want to manage their bankrolls.

VISA Electron Casino

VISA Electron is a very popular debit card powered by VISA. It is present in many online casinos and extremely simple to use. Like the typical Visa payment option, it does not come with any fees and is supported by most leading online casinos. One of the major benefits is that you don’t need to set up anything to use it to fund your casino account. Simply input the details printed on the card, and you are good to go. On the downside, you can’t withdraw funds using this method means you will need to find another option to do this. Many UK players may find this very inconvenient when it happens.

Maestro Casino

Maestro is a debit card service that is own and managed by MasterCard. This payment system was developed in 1992 and offers reliability and security since it is under the MasterCard brand. You can easily get the Maestro card in most financial institutions worldwide, and the process is fast and straight to the point. This payment option does not offer any credit facility, making it a great choice for people who want to stick within a specified budget. Transactions in Maestro casinos are instant, and once you deposit into your casino account, the balance reflects immediately.

Using E-wallets and Prepaid Card in Online Casino

E-wallets and prepaid cards are popular payment methods in online casinos. E-wallets offer fast payment transactions since deposits are instant, while withdrawal is faster than most other available casino payment methods. This makes it one of the best choices for UK players who enjoy convenience and speed. Signing up for an e-wallet is also free and easy as you can do it straight from the website of the e-Wallet. Some of the popular e-Wallets include Skrill, Neteller, etc.
On the other hand, a prepaid card is another easy way to fund your online casino account. It is similar to your typical credit card, but a fixed cash value is attached to each card. These casino payment methods don’t need you to input any personal information to make deposits in online casinos. What’s more, they have security measures in place that make them one of the safest casino payment options.

Ecopayz Casino

Ecopayz casinos provide people who want to keep as many details about their financial data private, a way to gamble. It has been on the market since 2000 and is one of the oldest e-wallets today. This payment option works like other e-wallets, as all you need is to attach your ecoPayz to your bank account and input money directly from your account. Then, you can spend deposit money directly using your ecoPayz account, or you request one of their available prepaid ecoCards. MasterCard powers these cards, so you can expect the highest level of security.

Skrill Casino

Skrill is one of the most popular e-wallets you will find in almost every online casino. This online casino payment provider used to be called Moneybookers, and asides from being an e-wallet, it provides other payment processing services. Skrill offers you safety because it eradicates the need to share your financial details with an online casino. Simply input the email address attached to your Skrill account, and you are good to go!

Many casinos will offer you exclusive bonuses for using Skrill as your payment option, and deposits are instant. What’s more, withdrawals are faster than most payment options and are processed within a few hours.

Neteller Casino

Neteller is one of the leading e-wallets that supports transactions in online casinos. It is one of the strongest contenders for Skrill, and many UK players tend to shuffle between both when they want to fund their online casino account. This payment option offers numerous benefits when used to gamble online, including super-fast deposits and payouts, a high level of security, easy use, etc. It also supports numerous currencies, which means it can work without issues regardless of where you are situated. And like Skrill, many casinos will offer you a bonus for using this payment option.

Paysafecard Casino

Paysafecard is a prepaid card that is an alternative to e-wallets. It was developed in 2000 and presently serves more than 40 countries. Its ease of use and security has made it one of the best options for UK players who want to gamble online. Unlike many other options, UK players need to use a 16-digit PIN on the Paysafecard voucher to deposit funds in their casino accounts. To refill, you will need to head to a retail sales point to purchase vouchers which come in $10, $25, $50, and $100. Even though this process may seem slightly inconvenient, it is a great option for UK players who have trouble sticking with a budget.

Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are popular digital currencies that have started to rise in popularity over the year. This is the case for all of these digital currencies, especially Bitcoin. Now cryptos work for making numerous transactions, including funding of online casino accounts. Today, you will find many bitcoin casinos for people who enjoy gambling with cryptos.

UK players who use this method of payment enjoy numerous benefits, including anonymity and privacy. This is because you don’t need to input your personal information or verify your identity. Also, cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology which eradicates the long wait times for payment, ensuring speedy transactions.

Using Wire Bank Transfers on Playing for Online Casino

Bank wire transfer payments have been existing way before the introduction of the other payment options available. They are usually referred to as credit transfers and involve transferring cash from one entity to another, both locally and internationally. These could range from individuals and organizations like online casinos.

To use this method, you will need to get the bank information of the casino and send the funds via your bank. This method is quite safe, and all you need to do is confirm the bank account you are sending it to. On the downside, this may come with fees and take longer to process payments than credit cards and e-wallets.

Instant Bank Transfers

Instant bank transfers work just like wire bank transfers. It is one of the most reliable and oldest methods of transferring money from a specific bank account to another. Unlike the wire transfer, which is processed via banks, this option is processed via an Automated Clearing House. The cost attached to this option is lower than the wire transfer option, but it may take longer to appear in the account. If you are after speedy transactions in online casinos, this may not be the right option for you.

Bank Wire

Bank wires are popular options for day-to-day transactions among users. UK players lean towards this option because they work to make deposits and withdraw cash from online casinos. And all that is you need is a valid banking account. Unlike many other popular payment methods, this option eradicates the need for third-party merchants and is between banks. This makes it a more secure alternative since you are certain the money will land once you confirm the receiving account.

These payment methods do not come with any withdrawal limits, making them a great choice for high rollers. And it is usually a last resort for UK players who have no other functional payment method to get their earnings except their bank account.

Playing Online Casino Using Phone Bills as a Payment

The world is becoming more mobile-centric, and many providers are aware of this fact. And today, it is possible to use your phone bills to make payments in mobile casinos. This is one of the easiest and most secure payment methods, as all you need to do is input your phone number when it is time to pay in the pay by phone casino. Once you do this, a code is sent to you, and the amount will reflect in your account instantly, while the charge is included in your subsequent phone bill.


Zimpler is a fintech company from Sweden that was established in 2016. The goal of this company was to develop an instant payment solution that could work for all forms of deposits and withdrawals. It has offices in various locations including Stockholm, and Malta. One of the major benefits of this pay by mobile phone method is that it is free to use and easy to install. You will create an account on Zimpler and add your Visa or MasterCard details to deposit into your Zimpler account to use this method. Once this is done, you can now make deposits using your mobile phone number


Payforit is another popular pay by mobile payment option that is supported by most major phone carriers. Making a deposit is not difficult as all you will need is to make sure your service provider is supported and find a pay by mobile casino that supports this option. After you have deposited the amount, it will reflect on your monthly phone tariff bill or be deducted from the credit balance of your phone during the next cycle.


Boku is a leader in the pay by phone providers that was launched in 2009. Boku runs its operations in numerous countries, including the Americas, UK, Asia, and Europe. It is also supported by over 120 carriers and is available in almost all mobile casinos. Like other pay by mobile payment options, using Boku is easy, and all that you will require is a phone number and a valid subscription. You have the option of paying immediately or charging the payment to your next phone bill.

Different Alternative Payments That Are Accepted by Online Casinos

By now, you know that there are many ways to make payments in online casinos. However, aside from the popular payment methods, everyone knows, like e-wallets and credit/debit cards, there are other alternative payment options. Even though these options are not as popular as the others, they still offer the same level of security and speed.

What’s more, you can find them in many online casinos today. Now, let us look at some of the most common alternative payment methods you can find in online casinos.

Apple Pay

Many people today use Apple devices, which has led to many casinos offering Apple Pay as a means of payment. This payment option is only for those who use IOS-powered devices and allows them to deposit in online casinos without a debit/credit card. Even though this service was only announced in 2014, it has risen to become one of the most renowned options for making mobile payments.

And now, more than 400 million people around the world rely on this option. This is most likely due to the speed, convenience, and high level of security it offers UK players in online casinos.

Google Pay

Google Pay, also referred to as Gpay, is a payment solution that works using the Google ecosystem. It was developed around Google Wallet and allows anyone with a Google account. The best part is that it works on both Android and IOS powered devices, unlike Apple Pay.

To set up an account, you can head to the official website or download the dedicated app on your mobile device. And once you are done setting up your account, you can include your card information and begin to make payments. Google Pay is extremely secure and ensures your details are encrypted. It is also available in most leading online casinos as a means of making a deposit.

Revolut Casino Payment Method

Revolut is a Fintech company that provides banking services to people around the globe in numerous currencies. It was developed in 2015 but took no time in gaining wide acceptance, and now has more than 7million users around the world. This wide acceptance has led it to become one of the leading payment methods in online casinos.

You can choose the currency to deposit in online casinos and also withdraw your earnings without problems. Revolut works in all casinos that offer Visa and MasterCard as payment options, so your options are broad. It is also very secure as it uses the most recent financial security technology.

Things to Know When Checking If payment is Secured

Even with the numerous security measures put in place by payment providers, you still have a role to play in ensuring your payment is secure in online casinos. Below are some of the ways you can go about this:

Things You Need To Know Before Getting Your Casino Withdrawal

Withdrawing from your online casino account is supposed to be easy. Win some funds, choose the desired payment option and withdraw your earnings. However, there are a few more things you need to note before you withdraw. Failing to consider these factors may cause the time you spend on withdrawal to be longer and completely disrupt withdrawals in some instances. To ensure this does not happen to you, it is best to note these factors first. They include:

What is the minimum deposit required before start Playing at an Online Casino?

There is no fixed minimum deposit to play in online casinos. This is because the figure tends to differ depending on the online casino you choose to go to. On average, you will need to deposit a minimum of $10 when you open your casino account. However, low deposit casinos allow as little as $5 and even $1 in some cases. And others accept a minimum of $50 and even $100.
Make sure you go through the requirements of the casino you decide to sign up in to learn the minimum deposit allowed.

FAQ about Payment Methods

Which Instant Withdrawal Methods Are Most Recommended

If you want the fastest option to withdraw your funds, it is recommended that you go with e-Wallets. These include options like Skrill and Neteller, as they are usually processed within a day. Visa and MasterCard are also fast alternatives, but these require between 1-3 days to be processed. If you are looking for speed, we will suggest you stay away from Bank wire transfers as these tend to take as long as five working days in some instances.

Can I receive a casino bonus with every payment provider?

Yes, you can receive a casino bonus with each payment provider. However, this depends on whether the online casino itself is offering a bonus on the selected payment method. For instance, while a casino may offer you a bonus for using an e-Wallet for payment, another may offer you for using Visa or MasterCard.

What is the safest payment option for casinos?

The safest option for making payments in online casinos is dependent on your needs. All the popular options we have discussed above are extremely safe. However, you need to do your due diligence to make sure the casino is safe too. For instance, a reputable body must license it.

What is the quickest way to withdraw my winnings?

The quickest way to withdraw your winnings is to use an e-Wallet. These take 24 hours to process and offer your winnings. However, ensure you have completed all wagering requirements and submitted all KYC documents to the casino to prevent delays.

Are There Any Withdrawal Limits?

Yes, in some instances, an online casino may have a withdrawal limit attached. This is usually common when you play and win using a bonus offer, but it could still be attached to the online casino. Go through the terms and conditions first to be sure.

What is important when selecting a payment method?

It is important to check the acceptance of the payment option in your location, processing fees, availability in online casinos, among others. Doing this will ensure you get the best payment option you can find.

Do I need to own a credit card to play at online casinos?

No, it is not compulsory. There are many payment methods to choose from, and many of them don't require credit cards. For instance, e-wallets, pay by phone bills etc., don't require you to use a credit card. » Online Casino Payment Methods
Last updated: 11/03/2022