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Many fun games are available on online casinos, and one of the most popular is online bingo. Bingo provides players with a unique type of excitement since it is entirely based on luck. Numbers are randomly drawn and tally with the numbers on the cards of different players; the first player to mark off a certain amount of numbers on their bingo card is the winner.

A lot of casinos allow you to play bingo online, with some casinos even offering free bingo games to new players. This article looks at the best online bingo sites, how you can play the game, and other essential information you need to know!

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Best Online Bingo Sites

UKonlinecasinoguide’s Favourite Bingo Games

75 Bingo Ball

A favourite among players in the US, the 75 bingo ball is one of the few types of bingo. This makes use of numbers between 1- 75. In a typical 75 bingo game, a caller is responsible for calling random numbers, between 1- 75 in this case. Each number is called once until the winning cards are identified.

When a number is called and is present on your card, you will be required to mark it with your dabber. In online 75 ball bingo, the software used is responsible for selecting the ball numbers to be called randomly, and the software can also auto-dab called numbers for you.

The card layout for the 75-bingo ball is typically 25 numbered (a 5×5 grid). The card is headed by the word ‘bingo’, under which there is a column of 5 numbers arranged. The first column, headed by ‘B’, has five random numbers from 1-15 arranged under. The next column, ‘I’, has five random numbers from 16-30, the next ‘N’ has 4 random numbers from 31-45, also included is an empty black spot in the middle of this column which players can use to complete their patterns. The G column has five numbers from 46-60, while the O column has five numbers from 61-75.

Winning the 75 ball variant is done by completing a pre-determined pattern by the bingo provider. These patterns are mostly in 3 ways;

Completing these numbers means creating an agreed pattern to mark out the numbers according to how they are called.

80 Bingo Ball

This type of bingo is more common in the UK and is quite similar to the other types. The gameplay is similar to the 75 ball game as players are also required to complete a specified pattern, depending on the provider. It gives off a familiar feeling to a shutter board gaming style, which also adds to its popularity among players.

The 80 bingo card contains randomly picked numbers between 1-80. It has a 16-numbered layout (4 by 4), and each column is represented by a color. The first column, represented by red, has random numbers from 1-20 arranged under the next column, yellow, has numbers picked from 21-40, the next column (blue) has numbers from 41- 59, while the last column, silver has numbers from 60- 80 under it.

Playing and winning at the 80-ball bingo is very much similar to the above; numbers are called by a caller and marked by a player on his card according to a pre-specified pattern. Completing this pattern on your card determines the likelihood of winning. The patterns to be completed for the 80-ball bingo are also similar to the 75-bingo.

90 Bingo Ball

This is the most common type of bingo in the UK. It is ticketed with a number chart (3×9), with each of the 9 columns having 5 numbers and 4 empty spaces. The nine columns are arranged as below;

90-ball bingo is generally always played on a single strip with a total of six tickets to be utilized every round. The 90 numbers used are distributed among the six tickets (with blank spots filling the remaining places). This is done in a way that each number appears on at least one of the six tickets.

Here, winning is a bit different because you can have up to 3 winners for each game round. A win can be determined by completing a one-line bingo, a two-line bingo, or a full house. In a room play, you are also required to shout the word ‘bingo’ to signal that you have a winning combo.

What is Online Bingo?

In simple terms, online bingo is bingo that you play on the internet. So, rather than playing in a bingo room or hall with the known methods, you do so virtually on a bingo site.

In the game of online bingo, the numbers to be called are generated randomly by the computer software being used. This helps to increase its fair play.

These types of online games also have all of the experiences that come with bingo rooms, such as the exhilarating excitement, the variety, the prizes to be won, the rules of the games, and many more.

Online Bingo vs. Traditional Bingo: Pros & Cons

Considering that there are not many differences between the two modes of playing bingo, it is, therefore, a question of how advantageous is one over the other.

One major advantage that online bingo has over the traditional modes of playing bingo is the accessibility; the fact that you can get to play bingo wherever you want to. It could be from the comfort of your home, on the go, wherever you are, all you need is a smartphone or laptop or tablet with a working internet connection, and you are good to go.

Another good thing about playing bingo online is that you have access to the different types of bingo with just a tap of your device. You can also play with different people from all over the world, which you might not have had access to if you were playing at a physical location.

The only seeming disadvantage of playing online is the fact that there is a limited human feel to it, and this is being worked on as developers are building their games to be more interactive for users.

Playing Online Bingo on Mobile vs. Desktop

Online bingo is playable either on a mobile device or a desktop, and the choice is entirely up to you. Opting to play with a desktop translates to playing on a much larger screen, which is the best way for some people to maximize their games. In some cases, it could also mean a faster processor meaning that your games would not be interrupted at odd times in between.

However, it could come across as a bit limiting in terms of accessibility compared to playing with your mobile device. With your mobile, you can play anywhere, even at unscheduled times, even at places you cannot take your desktop to.

How to Choose the Best Bingo Game

There are different types of bingo games available, choosing the best game to suit your preferences is very important. Commonly divided into three, there are various techniques for playing the game, and you must study them before a decision is made.

Known as the easiest to play, the 75-ball bingo is one of the games to play from. A 25-numbered card with numbers between 1-75, a player is said to have won bingo if he completes a pre-determined pattern set before gameplay begins.

Also similar to the 80-ball bingo and the 90-ball bingo, which have similar rules and winning requirements. The only significant difference between these games is the range of numbers available on the card.

To choose the best kind of bingo for you, you should try as many bingo games as possible. Keep in mind that you may play games for as little as a penny or a cent each turn. As such, you should be willing to try out the slots section to play the numerous titles available, including new Slingo games.

How to Play Online Bingo

The basic steps involved in playing bingo online are:

This will grant you access to your desired bingo room, and then you can start playing.

Online Bingo Tips and Tricks

It should be clear by now that online bingo is based on chance. As such, wins are not assured. However, you can also position yourself strategically to maximize your chances of winning.

For one, you can choose to play in a time frame when there are fewer people playing to increase your chances of winning. Also, while you should always be careful with your bankroll and budget efficiently, every additional card you buy for a single game increases your odds of winning. If 20 players each hold one card, you have a 5% chance of winning. If everyone else only had one card and you had four, your chances of winning climb to 17%.

Online Bingo Bonuses and Promotions

As with many other casino games, it is not strange for players to be offered special bonuses and promotions. This helps to facilitate the return of the player. With online bingo, there are different offers ranging from deposit bonuses to free spins, and even to unique prizes games.

Welcome Offers for New Bingo Customers

What is a bingo bonus without welcome offers? Welcome offers are specially for players who are new to the casino bingo lobby, unlike players that visit every day. With welcome offers, you can quickly learn the ropes of the room with more funds to extend your gameplay. You can use this offer as a tool to familiarise yourself with the different games of the room, such as slots and just generally have fun playing around the different games.

Bingo Bonuses for Existing Players

Old players are also not excluded from these bingo bonuses as they are also intermittently offered free hours, enhanced prizes, cash boosts, and even free spins at other times. Sometimes, there are also special incentives to play in certain rooms at specific times.

Online Bingo for Real Money

Using online bingo to earn real money is also a known thing in the industry. It is, however, also advised for all players to gamble responsibly as losses are solely on the player. If properly strategized, you can spend little to ear more, especially with Slingo and jackpot games.

Online Bingo Betting

Bingo betting should be considered more as a fun activity than as a means of building riches. When you visit the site, you will find the list of all bingo games that you can bet with, including the progressive jackpot. You would also find other details such as the cash amount required to play, Megaways. All these would help with proper budgeting, so you do not spend beyond your pockets.

Online Bingo Payouts

You should also pay attention to the other details lined out in the lobby. Information on bingo payouts is sure to be listed there. Payouts are most times guided by specific t & cs apply which have a commission under account number specified by the regulatory bodies.

Real Money vs. Free Bingo Play

People play for different reasons; it is a source of fun for some, while many others play to earn money. As such, there are different categories available to players. Free bingo plays come in very handy for players that are just playing to have a good time. As such, they are not expecting to win any spectacular prizes.

However, having fun while knowing you can win big has an entirely different edge to it, which is why many players would rather opt for the Real money play.

What is the Wagering Requirement in Bingo?

A wagering requirement is a minimum spend requirement imposed by online bingo companies (and other gambling sites) when they award a bonus. The minimum expenditure is usually a multiple of the bonus, or the bonus plus any related deposit, or the first wins if it is a slot spin promotion.

They help online bingo companies to ensure that players are not involved in money laundering, and it varies per casino, with the standard being about 40X.

Online Bingo Variations

There are different ways to enjoy online bingo. Some of which are:

Bingo Roulette

This combines the fun of playing bingo and roulette in one. It has a roulette wheel and is played as a 52-5 game. Bingo Roulette has only one winning pattern – the Full House – which occurs when all five numbers are covered. Every called number is covered with a casino chip, and the first player to cover all five numbers on a ticket wins the game.

Video Bingo

You can also play your bingo games as a video option. With a public password or a unique access code, players may join your virtual game. When you engage the bingo caller, you have three hours to play as many games as you like. Every time you start a new round, you can change the winning patterns.

Bingo Tournaments

Bingo competitions are simple to grasp. The majority of tournaments are made up of a sequence of games. In a bingo tournament, three rounds of pattern bingo are played, with points granted for each bingo. Top scorers are awarded cash or buy-ins to a tournament of their choice.

No Deposit, Free Spins Bingo Games

As much as there are different types of games available to players, such as slots, fishing frenzy, rainbow riches Slingo, and the likes, there are also several types of bonuses attached that can boost your winning chances. One of such is the no deposit, free spins games.

With these games, you can quickly start playing without funding your account. Some of these games even offer other sides, such as free spins to the players.

Why Play Bingo Online?

Online bingo play has gradually gained ground, especially among new customers. You might want to consider playing it because you are assured of complete freedom to play bingo anywhere you choose. You may do it from the comfort of your own home, on the road, or anywhere you are as long as you have a smartphone, laptop, or tablet with a functional internet connection.

An added advantage of playing bingo online is that you may access several varieties of bingo with just a tap of your smartphone. You can also play with individuals from all over the world, something you would not have been able to do if you were playing in a physical bingo room.

Play Bingo Online at UKonlinecasinoguide

UKonlinecasinoguide provides casino players with verified casinos where you can enjoy safer gambling options. Casinos provided here are fully licensed in Britain by the gambling commission. Registering with the site is not a hard task at all. All that is required of you is to;

Bingo FAQs

How does Bingo work?

The fundamentals of online bingo are pretty clear. Players pick the game they wish to play and are given the virtual card that matches it. Mark off a line, multiple lines, or all of your numbers – known as a full house – and you stand a chance to win a prize, depending on the game you're playing. There are several slot and wheel options that can be yield prizes such as reel king, Slingo reel king, age of the gods, Slingo starburst. Asides from this, the few twists to it are the introduction of features such as jackpot

How to play bingo?

Playing online bingo is a lot of fun, especially with unique variants such as Slingo and the likes. You simply need to register at an online casino and join any of the available bingo rooms. Afterwards, you can get your ticket and start playing.

What is a Bingo Caller?

A Bingo Caller is in charge of the machine that generates bingo numbers at random in the room. In a professional manner, the caller announces the winning numbers as they are selected. As a Bingo Caller, you could be in charge of confirming bingo winnings. However, in online bingo, the need for an actual caller has been replaced as the computer now does the work of displaying the generated numbers.

What are the bingo rules?

The rules are often specified right before the game begins to avoid instances of foul play. Basic rules to be followed are; • Every participating player must have a bingo card at the start of the game • The number called must be marked on the card for it to be considered. • Any player whose marked numbers tally at the end of the round is considered the winner.

Can I play Bingo with friends?

Yes, you can. Many online bingo sites have bingo rooms accessible with live chat capabilities, allowing you to socialize while playing! As such you can always start and invite your friends to join you. Who knows? You could even make some new acquaintances in the bingo live chat. » Games » Bingo Games Online: Play and Win Real Money!
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