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No doubt slot machines are among the most famous online games available today. You can play slot games on all popular mobile devices, including android and apple phones. While most mobile slots come with demo versions that can be played for fun, if you want to play an online slots game for real money, you may have to register with an online casino or slots developer site.

However, the priority should be entertainment. Hence, it is essential to choose an online slot with many interesting features. So, what are the features to watch out for in the best online slots? Choosing the best online slot game might not be straightforward. These games come in different themes, and since we have preferences, what entertains you might be boring to others. However, great games are always exciting irrespective of their themes. Apart from the theme, other factors to consider before choosing the best mobile slot include the number of reels, return to player, paytable, and volatility.

You should also choose a slot game with free spins, bonus round, wild, and scatter symbols. All these can be found in most of the slot machines available in modern online casinos. However, not all slots games are developed equally. That is why we have decided to make a list of some of the best online slot games you can play on your phone for fun or real money.

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Best Online Mobile Slots UK

What is a mobile slot?

A slot machine is a gambling game that uses a combination of symbols on reels to decide winnings. It is the most popular game in both land-based and online casinos. The idea behind the game started around 1891 in New York when Sittman and Pitt developed a machine that could be spun to display cards randomly.

When the machine’s lever is pulled, it spins the card, and players will hope to get good hands which can earn them free beer or cigarettes. However, today’s slot games is much complex in features but simpler to play. You don’t have to pull any lever. You only need to press a button or, better still, click on a button. Instead of spinning cards, modern slot machines use Random Number Generators (RNG)to decide the outcome of each spin.

While slot machines are still available in brick-and-mortar casinos, most players now play online slots game on their mobile devices. A mobile slot consists of reels on which different symbols can fall. When you click on the spin button, the symbols will fall on the reels randomly. Winning is determined if a certain number of matching symbols fall on a pay line. A payline can be a horizontal line, vertical line, or any other shape specified in the game design.

The game uses RNG to determine the symbol that will fall on each reel. A Random Number Generator is a computer program that randomly generates numbers without referring to the previous action. That means each spin is unique, and the outcome does not in any way depend on the previous outcome.  Mobile slots are easy to play and full of fun. You can also win real cash. Because each spin takes a very short time, you can easily set the game to auto spins and watch as the computer spins for you. Playing on platforms like UKonlinecasinoguide is straightforward and convenient. Registration takes only a few minutes, and you can benefit from various promotional offers, including free spins. And since our experts have carefully evaluated and reviewed all the slots we recommend, you get only the best options available on the market.

Play Mobile Slots at UKonlinecasinoguide

Sometimes, you will want to try different slots. That is why it is good to choose a mobile casino that has all types of slot games. UKonlinecasinoguide recommends leading mobile slots from licensed and regulated casinos that are ideal for both beginners and long-time casino players. You can find all genres of mobile slots games, including classic slots games and modern games. If you love fruit-themed slots or Egyptian-themed games, you can get to pick and choose. You will also find abundant action games, adventures, book-themed, and mystery, among many others.

The possibility of winning a jackpot is among the reasons many players play mobile slot games. Some of them, like the amazing Mega Moolah by Microgaming can pay out life-changing rewards.  Luckily UKonlinecasinoguide can help you find the largest progressive games that can change your fortune with just a single spin.

UKonlinecasinoguide understands the importance of bonuses which is why we also recommend mobile slots from online casinos that offer mouth-watering bonuses. You can expect some of the best casino bonuses in the UK on our list, including free spins, no deposit bonuses, and no wagering bonuses. The max bonus you get on the options we recommend is higher than the industrial average.

Bonuses can be used to play almost all games subject to reasonable bonus conditions and the promotional terms and conditions. In addition, we recommend platforms which simplify  payment and withdrawal and ensures every player finds a banking option that is convenient for them.

UKonlinecasinoguide recommends platforms licensed and regulated in Great Britain but most of them also accept players outside the UK. If you are in the UK and are looking for an online casino to play slot games. It would be best to head straight to UKonlinecasinoguide and check out our recommended casinos offering the best slot games and amazing welcome bonuses.

How Mobile Slots Work

Playing slots is straightforward. In the past, all you had to do was to drop a coin in the machine and press the handle. Today, it has been digitalized. To play an online slot, you have to choose an online casino and register with it. Almost all casinos offer slots machines. If you want to play for real money, you must make a deposit.

After funding your account, go to the slots section and choose your preferred game. There will be hundreds of slot machines in a typical mobile casino. Hence, finding your favourite shouldn’t be challenging. Launch the game, and follow the steps below to play. Select your pay line. The higher the number of payline you choose, the higher your chance of winning. Determine your stake per payline. Your total stake per spin will be the stake per payline multiplied by the number of payline. Click on the spin. You may choose to spin manually repeatedly or set the game to auto-spin. As the symbols fall, you win when a required matching symbols fall on one of the selected paylines. Cascading reels may give you multiple winnings with a single spin.

How to Play Slots

Slots games are amazing and come with numerous fun features and opportunities to help you win big. However, this is only the case if you play the right mobile slots. We have put together this step by step guide to help you find the right slot games to play without any hassle. Read on to learn how to do this.
Estimated time needed: 00:05 Tools needed: Ukonlinecasinoguide’s list of mobile slotsPC/Mobile device Supply needed: InternetTime
Guide to play mobile slots step 1
Go through our list of mobile slots The first step is to check out our extensive list of mobile slot games for the one that appeals to you. We recommend only the best so you are fine choosing one based on preference. Step 1
Guide to play mobile slots step 2
Register in the mobile slot casino Once you have made your choice, you will need to register in the casino. This simply requires your details and a deposit in the casino. Step 2
Guide to play mobile slots step 3
Claim your welcome bonus We only recommend mobile casinos that come with the best welcome bonuses. Make sure you claim yours after you register. Step 3
Guide to play mobile slots step 4
Play and have fun! Now is the time to play and have fun. If you are lucky, you just might land a huge win! Step 4
Guide to play mobile slots step 5
Withdraw your winnings If you manage to win, choose one of the available options for withdrawal to get your money. Make sure you have completed any associated wagering requirements so you have no problem getting your funds. Step 5

Basic terms and Guidelines you need to know before Playing Online Slots Game

Playing slots games might seem very straightforward, but this is only the case if you understand all the terms and guidelines. What this means is that to get the best experience,  it is important to understand the basic terms and guidelines of the game. Although guidelines may vary slightly, the idea is almost the same in all slot machines. It is always good to go through the identity casino menu important info before playing.

If you are a beginner, you will want to read the guideline of your chosen game. Even though the descriptions and guidelines are written for beginners, many casinos will assume that you understand the basics. Hence, you should get familiar with the terms casinos use before attempting to play. Here we will explain some common terms used in a slot game.


Paytable is a table that shows all possible combinations that can make you win and the amount you will win for each winning combination per unit stake. The paytable will show the amount you will win for a symbol if you land three of the symbols on a payline per coin you staked. It will tell how much your winning will be if you land four of the symbol. If they are five, six until the maximum, you can win from the symbol. This will be stated for all winning symbols.


A payline is a line on the reels of a slot game on which you can win if you land matching symbols along the line. It can be a horizontal, vertical, or even zigzag line. There are usually many paylines on a slot game. The more the number of reels, the more the number of paylines.

Minimum and maximum bets

There is usually a maximum amount you can win from a single spin of a slot game. This makes the game developer set a maximum bet you can place. However, there is also a minimum amount you can place on a payline. This can be as low as 0.1 coins and as high as 100 or more. Free spins in most slots games usually have a value equivalent to the minimum bet.

Take advantage of the game bonuses

Casino games were designed to give returns to the house. Therefore, more people will lose than those that will win. Even though it is a game of luck and you can be in any category, casino bonuses will always put you ahead before making your first spin. Hence, a deposit match bonus and free spins can be beneficial to you. However, you must consider the max bonus available and the credit wagering requirement, i.e., the amount you must stake before you can transfer the winnings to your cashable account.

You must also understand that casino game wagering contribution varies. Hence you must know the specific game stake contribution and the games bonuses can be used for. All these are important before accepting any bonus offer. In addition to the normal bonuses you get from casinos, some slot games come attached with in-game bonuses. These bonuses can help you win more in the game and are usually in the bonus rounds. In most cases, the bonus may be a free spins round, or a wild multiplier, among others. Using them properly can be the deciding factor when you play. Make sure you read the paytable to learn about the bonus in each slot game and how to use them before you play.

Pros and Cons of Mobile Slots

Mobile slot games offer numerous benefits but this does not mean they are ideal for every player. Comparing the pros and cons is the best bet to find out if it is the ideal option for you. We have helped you cover these in the section below.


  • It is very convinent
  • Tons of games and amazing features
  • Amazing bonus offers and promotions
  • Play from any location in the world


  • You may not find the mobile versions of specific slot games
  • There may sometimes be issues with device compatibility

What is the Difference between Wild Symbols and Scatter Symbols

Both wild and scatter symbols appear to increase your chances of winning but in different ways. A wild symbol is a symbol in slots games that can transform into any other symbol to give you a winning combination. The only symbol it cannot transform to is the scatter symbol. On the other hand, the Scatter symbol appears to trigger a bonus round, free spin, or other bonus features. Many slot games have both scatter and wild symbols, while some have only one of the two. Nonetheless, both of these symbols can drastically alter your experience in a slot game and help you win more.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols transform into any symbol in a slot game to produce a winning combination. If you need a minimum of three matching symbols to win but have two matching symbols and a wild between them, the wild will transform to the matching symbols, making you win. There are various types of wilds, each performing different functions asides from the basic function of transforming or replacing other symbols. For instance, some wilds stay glued to one position, and they are called Sticky Wilds, Some can shift position as you spin, and are known as Spreading Wilds. Other types of popular wild symbols include Expanding Wilds, Multiplier Wilds, Duplicating Wilds, Colossal Wilds, Random Wilds, etc. Make sure you have a look at the slots paytable so you know which one to expect when you play a mobile slot game.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols appear on a slot game to activate bonus features. These features may include a bonus round or free spins. You may need more than one scatter symbol before you can activate the bonus feature. Apart from the bonus features, some games also allocate winnings to the appearance of scatter symbols.

Mobile Slot Games Jackpot

One of the most important genres of slot games is the jackpot. This allows you to win a huge amount of money. Slots game jackpots can be a fixed jackpot with a fixed amount of winning or a progressive jackpot that increases in value as more people bet on the game. You will likely find jackpot games in any mobile casino you register with. Jackpots are usually won during free spins round.

However, it is also possible to win a jackpot during a conventional spin. In some mobile casinos, games played on jackpots are not included or may not contribute 100 percent to the bonus credit wagering requirement. Some games do not even contribute at all to the credit wagering requirement. Hence it would be best if you considered the specific game stake contribution of the jackpot so that you won’t be disappointed when you want to transfer winnings to your cashable account.

Progressive Mega Slots Jackpot

A progressive Mega Slots Jackpot is a jackpot game in which a certain percentage of every bet on the game across all casinos is contributed to the jackpot pool. As more people play the game, the jackpot value increases until it is won. The accumulated amount of progressive jackpots could be millions and more. This figure is usually displayed on a counter that can be viewed by anyone, and once a player wins, the figure resets and starts from scratch.

Because of the large number of people contributing to the pool, it usually involves a huge amount of winnings. Several people have won millions of dollars from popular progressive jackpots in the past. Today, Mega Moolah has paid out the highest in any progressive jackpot game and is still changing the lives of players everywhere.

Free Spins

Free spins can be part of a slot game or given by an online casino as a bonus. Many casinos usually include promotional free spins in their welcome package to new players. However, free spins given as a bonus by casinos usually come with a bonus credit wagering requirement.

Notwithstanding, there are also no wagering free spins. Bonus can be used to play specific games or all slot games subject to the bonus conditions and the promotional terms and conditions.

If you received a first deposit bonus together with free spins, you must meet the wagering requirement of the welcome bonus as well as of the winnings from the free spins. Many slot games also have free spin rounds. This may be activated when you land the required number of scatter symbols. The free spin round will allow you to spin at no cost. Winnings from these spins are not subjected to any wagering requirement.

No Deposit Mobile Slots

No deposit mobile slots game bonuses are bonuses you earn from an online casino upon completing registration and verification of your account. It may be in the form of cash in your bonus account or promotional free spins. Unlike a first deposit match bonus, no deposit bonuses do not require any deposit before you can claim them.

However, the max bonus available is usually low, and you may only be able to use it to play a few slot games. Also, winnings from bonus credit are usually subjected to stringent wagering conditions before you can transfer the winnings to your cashable account. There is also a limit to winnings you can earn subject to the bonus conditions. Notwithstanding, you will be playing a slot game for real money without taking any risk.

UKonlinecasinoguide’s own criteria on choosing the best online slot games

There are many important factors to consider before choosing the best online slot games. However, at UKonlinecasinoguide we value some criteria more than others. Here are our own criteria for choosing the best online slot games:

Why UKonlinecasinoguide is the best for Playing Mobile Slots in the UK?

If you are searching for the best place to play mobile slots, then consider UKonlinecasinoguide. We recommend only mobile slots platforms which are licensed and regulated in Great Britain, guaranteeing slot players the best gaming experience. Not only will you find all your favourite games, but you will also enjoy the design of the site as well as the comfort it brings. All the websites we recommend are easy to navigate and use, and are compatible with all popular mobile devices, including mobile phones, iPad, tablets.

You will get the same exciting playing experience on both android and iOS devices. Irrespective of your mobile browser, our recommended mobile sites and its games will load fast and be responsive. The quality of slot games on the platforms we recommend is another reason to choose UKonlinecasinoguide. They all have a huge list of game selection that includes all popular slot games.

Registration is straightforward and takes just a few minutes on each of our recommended mobile slots casino. They also accept all popular deposit methods, and withdrawal is faster than in many online casinos. You can also enjoy promotional free spins and other bonuses, including a fantastic first deposit match bonus, on the platforms. Also, winnings from bonus credit do not have stringent conditions, and the max withdrawal is high. You can use both your cashable credit and bonus to play any game on the site. Even though the cashable credit and bonus may have different game wagering contribution stakes, every game played contributes significantly to the wagering condition. Register on one of our recommended casinos today and experience the best mobile slots in the UK.

Payout terms and conditions and other game rules

Withdrawing funds from your online casino account is easy. However, there are a few terms you will need to note as they can influence how quickly you withdraw your earnings. The following are a few payout terms and conditions you need to note when playing in mobile casinos:

If you understand all these terms, withdrawal will be seamless in online casinos. However, you may want to have a look at the terms and conditions page of the casino first as some rules may differ.

The best Mobile Slots playing experience at UKonlinecasinoguide

Mobile slots are among the most played games in UK casinos. They are straightforward to play and are compatible with all popular mobile devices. Most common mobile slots include fruit-themed slots game, book-themed, Egyptian-themed, action, adventure, and jackpots. To win, you only need to land matching symbols on a payline. The more the paylines, the higher the chance of winning.

Among the important symbols on a typical slot game are the wild symbol and the scatter symbol. A wild symbol can transform into any other symbol to increase the winning chance., while scatter symbols usually appear to activate free spins or bonus features. While many slot games have both symbols, some have only one of the two. To choose the best slot game, a player must consider the number of paylines, the return to player, volatility, and maximum win. Other important factors to consider are the bonus features, bonus or free spins, presence of scatter and wild symbols, whether it has a cascading reel or not, and whether it has a jackpot or not. A progressive jackpot has a specific percentage of all bets on the game set apart that can be won by a single player. This gives a player a chance of winning millions of dollars with a single spin.

Before playing in a casino, always go through the identity casino menu important info. Players can get the best slot games from UKonlinecasinoguide’s list of casinos. The mobile slot platforms we recommend are easy to use, compatible with all popular mobile devices, and gives several bonuses to its players, including a fantastic welcome bonus and free spins. If you received a first deposit match bonus or any other offers, your bonuses can be used to play any slot game of your choice. Also, the rules applicable to bonuses are easy to satisfy. Play in one of our recommended casinos today and you wont regret it!

Frequently asked questions about mobile slots

What are mobile slots

A mobile slot is an online game that uses a combination of symbols on reels to decide winnings. The game uses a Random Number Generator to determine the symbol that will fall. When you click on the spin button, the symbols will fall on the reels randomly. Winning is determined if a certain number of matching symbols fall on a payline.

Can you win real money by playing online slots?

Yes. While you can play online slots for fun, you can also play and win real money. However, to play for real money, you must first register with a mobile slots casino and make a deposit. You can play with your credit and bonus. Alternatively, you can play with a no deposit bonus or free spins. However, you will need to satisfy the wagering requirement subject to the bonus conditions before you can make a withdrawal. Also, not all games can be played with bonus funds. Hence, player’s bonus credit account balance may indicate there are funds, but he may not be able to play for real money.

What are the best online slots to play?

There are many online slots available today and many criteria for choosing the best online slot. However, before choosing the best online slot, you must consider the bonus feature, return to player, volatility, number of paylines, max winning, and the kind of reel.

Is it safe to play free slots online?

Yes, it is. However, you will need to ensure you play in mobile casinos that are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission like those recommended on Ukonlinecasinoguide. This is the only way you can be safe playing free online slots. » Games » Mobile Slots: Best Mobile Slots Games 2023
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