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The UK is arguably one of the largest online gambling markets in the world, and is home to many gambling sites. There are numerous fantastic online casinos that offer a variety of exciting games to UK players. From slot games to table games like blackjack, poker, bingo, roulette, baccarat, and even sports betting, there’s always an exciting game for every player.

Besides the wide variety of online casino games for players to choose from, UK online gambling sites are also known to be generous with bonuses and rewards for both old and new players. If you’re looking for the best online gambling sites in the UK to play your favorite casino games, then you’re in the right place! Our recommended UK online casinos are sure to deliver the most pleasurable and rewarding gambling experience.

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Discover the Best Gambling Sites UK

How We Rate the Best Gambling Sites

To protect you from gambling with unsafe or substandard casino sites and sports betting sites, we have dedicated a lot of time and effort to compiling a list of the best online gambling sites in the UK. The online casinos and sports betting sites on our recommended list have been tested against strict review criteria to ensure that only the best sites make it into our list.

Our review criteria include safety and security, reputation, bonuses and promotions, customer support, compatibility, as well as banking and payments. Read on as we explore the details of these criteria and show you why we are in the best position to recommend the best online gambling sites in the UK.

Safety and Security

Player safety is our number one priority. This is why all our recommended UK gambling sites are fully regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). The UK Gambling Commission oversees the activities of the gambling industry in the UK and passes legislation that protects players against fraudulent gambling companies. Thus, before a site can be licensed by the UKGC, such site must fulfill all the requirements set by the regulatory body.

A license from the UK Gambling Commission guarantees that all the games offered by the British casino are fair. It also proves that all customer information and transactions are protected by SSL encryption software to prevent hackers from having access to the information.


A reputable casino or sports betting site is one that has proven, time and again, to be transparent, reliable, and trustworthy in all of its operations. If a casino site or sports betting site lacks any of these attributes, you shouldn’t spend any of your hard-earned money gambling on it.

To differentiate an online casino or sports betting site with a bad reputation from an online casino with a good one, we carefully examine the customer reviews of the sports betting site, the company history, management team history, and third-party party auditing reports. Irrespective of how great the gambling site may seem, if it has a bad reputation, we won’t recommend it to you.

Bonuses & Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are offered as incentives to encourage new customers to sign up and keep the old customers coming back. You stand to enjoy an array of exciting bonuses and promotions when you gamble at any of our recommended UK gambling sites. Examples of such bonuses include generous welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, deposit 20 max bonus, free spins, 50 bonus spins, bonus spins on selected machines, free bets, gift freebies for members, and many more!

Also, we only recommend casino sites that offer valuable bonuses with low wagering requirements so not only will you enjoy playing with the bonuses, but also find it easy to cash out your winnings.

Customer Support

Regardless of how experienced you are with online gambling, there are definitely going to be times when you’ll need some help. To ensure that you won’t have to go through a lot of stress to get the help you seek, we thoroughly scrutinize the quality of a casino site’s customer support. These channels include live chat, email support, and a telephone number.

We only recommend the best gambling sites with unequaled customer support that’s available 24/7. The customer service of the casino site must also be operated by real people who will answer your questions efficiently, promptly, and politely.


Compatibility is an important characteristic a real money online casino site must possess. You should be able to switch seamlessly between different devices such as desktop, mobile, and tablet without any change in player experience.

Each of our top UK gambling sites has been checked for its compatibility across different devices to ensure that none falls short of delivering the absolute best player experience on all devices. So, whether you prefer to gamble on your mobile device or desktop, we can guarantee that you’ll have an amazing experience while gambling on any of the sites listed in this guide.

Banking and Payments

Any gambling site licensed by the UK that’s worth its coin should offer a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options. This ensures that every player finds a banking method they are comfortable with. The real money gambling sites we recommend provide you with multiple banking options to make deposits and withdrawals.

Besides the regular credit and debit card payment methods, these casino sites also offer prepaid cards and e-wallets such as PayPal, Neteller, Paysafecard, Trustly, and Skrill. When selecting the best gambling sites in the UK, we also review their withdrawal speed and processing time and only recommend the ones that offer speedy processing and fast withdrawals.

Why Use Gambling Sites?

Gambling online should be pleasurable and relaxing. To ensure that you only get the most amazing online casino experience, we have scoured the entire UK gambling industry and handpicked the casino sites that are guaranteed to deliver the best experience. Our listed UK gambling sites offer an impressive array of games so there’s something for everyone; here’s why you should use a gambling site.

Casino Bonuses

The moment you sign up as a member, you’ll be rewarded with a generous deposit welcome bonus that you can use to explore the casino and win real money. Besides the standard welcome bonus that you’ll find on most casino sites, online gambling sites provide new deposit bonus offers for existing customers, as well as loyalty bonuses, and much more.

Variety of Casino Games

Whether you’re a lover of slot games, online poker, online bingo, keno, baccarat, blackjack, or roulette, you can be assured of getting unlimited gameplay 24 hours a day when you become a member on any of the sites listed here. The games offered on our listed sites are also provided by the best software providers in the industry such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, Evolution Gaming, etc.

Easy and Convenient

Finally, gambling sites make it easy to play casino games and make bets whenever you want to. Whether you’re at home, out at the pub, or on a long train journey, you can log onto your casino account with your mobile phone and start gambling online.

Absolutely! Online gambling is completely legal in the UK for both residents and visitors, as long as both players and operators follow the rules laid down by the UKGC. In the UK, online gambling is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), which monitors and oversees all kinds of gambling in the country.

This includes sports betting, lotteries, arcades, bingo, gaming machines, physical casinos, as well as UK online casinos. So, whether you’re interested in playing regular online casino games or live casino games, the UK Gambling Commission regulates the activities of the gambling operator to ensure that you play under fair and safe conditions.

The UK Gambling Commission is also in charge of licensing gambling companies and passing legislation to protect the interests of both bettors and gambling operators in the UK. One of the main areas the laws focus on is the protection of underage individuals and vulnerable adults. Thus, the minimum legal age for betting in the UK is 18 years. The exception to this rule is in the case of lotteries, some football pools, and scratch cards where the legal gambling age is reduced to 16 years.

Is Online Gambling Safe?

Online gambling is entirely safe in the UK, provided you play with the right online casinos. There are many online gambling sites that cater to UK players. While most of these gambling sites are safe to play with, there are still some rogue operators that are only out to defraud you of your hard-earned money. This is why it is important to be very selective when choosing an online gambling site to play on.

To protect you from falling victim to the hands of these fraudulent online gambling sites, we have dedicated a lot of time to selecting the best online casinos in the UK. Our recommended casinos are 100% safe and secure, and they adhere strictly to the rules of fairness laid down by the UK Gambling Commission. This means you can make deposits and withdrawals securely and play any casino game of your choice while receiving juicy bonuses such as a welcome bonus and free bonus spins.

How to Get Started at Gambling Sites UK

If you want to start playing at online casinos, then you can simply follow the steps below. The world is your oyster when you know how to get started at gambling sites!
Estimated time needed: 00:05 Tools needed: UKonlinecasinoguideYour device Supply needed: MoneyInternet connection
gambling sites
Browse the list of online gambling sites Here at UKonlinecasinoguide, we have an extensive list of available casinos. You can read the individual casino reviews or simply browse our list to find one that suits your needs. Step 1
gambling sites
Sign up for a casino account Before you can start gambling, you'll need to create a UK casino account. This usually involves signing up with your information, and providing some form of ID. Step 2
gambling sites
Make a deposit In most cases, you'll need to make a deposit before you can start playing at gambling sites. While some bonuses allow you to gamble for free, most don't. Step 3
gambling sites
Start gambling! Once you have completed all the previous steps, you should be able to start gambling online! Step 4

Pros and Cons of Gambling Sites

If you're a gambler, then you may have already used gambling sites. But if you're new to casino sites, you may want to know what is so great about them. Here are the pros and cons of gambling sites.


  • Make bets anywhere
  • Play a variety of casino games
  • Win real money


  • Some gambling sites are fraudulent
  • You need to be aware of casino scams
  • Wagering requirements may apply

What You Need to Know Before Using Gambling Sites

To ensure you make the most of your casino gambling site experience, there are various things to keep in mind. We’ve gathered information about the most important aspects of online gambling sites so you know what you’re dealing with when you use them.

Rules of the Game

First of all, it is extremely important to know the rules of any casino game you play, especially if you’re risking real money. A good way to get to grips with the basics of most games is to use free versions of them. Some gambling sites offer free games meaning you can practise before using your cash.

Betting Requirements

All gambling sites have different betting requirements, such as minimum deposit amounts and wagering requirements. It is important to know what these are so that you don’t accidentally lose a lot of money. Some casinos won’t let you withdraw your winnings until you’ve wagered a certain amount, whereas others require a substantial deposit before you can start gambling.

How to Deposit

You also need to know what your deposit options are before using gambling sites. Some UK gambling sites accept many different payment methods for deposits, whereas others are more limited. You’ll be able to choose a payment method in the deposit part of your account and funds should normally appear fairly quickly.

How to Withdraw

If you win big at a gambling site, then you’ll definitely need to know how to withdraw money. However, withdrawal methods differ between gambling sites. First of all, you may be unable to use the same payment method you used to deposit. Secondly, to withdraw you will usually need to provide a form of identification, so that the casino site can verify it is actually you making the withdrawal.

Gambling Site Promotions & Games

When you use the best gambling sites UK, you’ll find many promotions and games waiting for you. From bookmaker offers to various types of casino games, we’ve covered what you’ll come across below.

Bookmaker Offers

A bookmaker offer is a sum of money deposited into your sports betting account by your bookmaker. This amount of money is given as a bonus or reward to both old and new gamblers on a sports betting online casino. You can use this bonus amount to play as many casino games as it can cover. Even if you lose a bet you placed using a bookmaker offer, you lose no real money of your own.

Bookmaker offers include matching your bet bonuses, free bet series, initial deposit bonus, and winning first bet bonus.


You can place your bets, just like in a physical casino, and win real cash rewards. Many gambling sites offer a wide range of betting options from casino betting to sports betting. Playing online sports betting games is only rewarding when you play on a site with good betting odds, a wide selection of games, and generous bonuses.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is a way to make money out of your love of sports. It involves predicting the outcome of a sports game and placing a wager on your predictions. If your predictions are accurate, you earn cash rewards. These days, online sports betting has become a common practice for sports fans. You can place bets on various sports such as football, boxing, basketball, and so on.


A firm favourite among UK gamblers, gambling sites are full of the best slots you can find online. From free spins, to cheap slots that costs 10p per spin, you'll be able to enjoy an assortment of slot games online.


Online gambling sites in the UK wouldn't be complete without plenty of bingo options. You can find variations of bingo across the internet in the UK, and compete in this game of chance from low prices.

The Best Type of Device to Use for Online Gambling

Many UK online casinos are compatible with various devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. However, only the best gambling sites ensure that you enjoy the same excellent player experience across the different devices. This is very important as it determines how seamless the transition between the different devices will be.

We only recommend the best online casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission that offer the same amazing player experience across different devices. Regardless of your preferred choice of device, you won’t have to worry about a difference in how enjoyable your gaming session will be.

Some UK gambling sites also have gambling apps for mobile users. These apps can be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet to allow you the convenience of playing any of your favorite games on the go.

Desktop PCs

If you’re a lover of playing live casino games like online bingo on your desktop, it’ll excite you to know that our listed UK best gambling sites are very compatible with desktops, irrespective of the operating system. Using your desktop PC to play gamble online allows you to enjoy the full casino experience without any limits.

You get to play your favorite games on a big screen with a high-definition display which helps you visualize the game a lot better. This is especially useful while playing visually-sensitive casino games such as online slots, table games, and online bingo. Playing on your desktop also allows you access to a larger variety of games and makes navigation a lot easier.


Even without your desktop PC, you can still enjoy games at online casinos. All the UK gambling sites listed above are compatible with smartphones, giving you a smooth betting experience on the go. You can also enjoy playing mobile casino games using gambling mobile apps.

These mobile apps were designed to give you the opportunity to gamble at an online casino for real money, right from your mobile device. When gambling on mobile apps, you enjoy all the benefits of gambling on the casino site, including special bonuses and promotions. You can get online free spins and deposit bonuses from the mobile apps without needing to log in on your desktop PC.


Tablets have a larger screen size when compared to smartphones. This lets you have a better view of the game and makes navigation a little easier. We have only selected betting sites that allow you play your favorite games like online poker without lags on your tablet. Even without your desktop PC, you can still have access to online casinos.

Playing on your tablet allows you to play casino games on the go while enjoying high video quality. You can also download the mobile app, where your user experience is more personalized, and notifications are delivered to you in real-time. This ensures that you never miss out on online casino free spins, deposit bonus, and other bonuses.

Laptops and notebooks

Desktop computers are designed to stay in one place, and it is very difficult to move them around. If you travel a lot, but still want to enjoy casino games like online poker on a screen as big as a desktop computer, then laptops and notebooks are your best bet. With laptops and notebooks, you get the full experience you would get if you were playing on a PC, with the added advantage of portability.

On these devices, you can easily play free casino games listed on the top gambling sites we’ve recommended just like you would on your desktop computer. You also never have to worry about compatibility, because the UK gambling sites listed above are very compatible with laptops and notebooks.

Try our Top Rated Casinos Today!

Playing casino games at online casinos should be enjoyable, relaxing, and rewarding. However, this can only be achieved when you gamble at reputable sites that offer a wide range of fair games, generous bonuses, and fast payouts. While there are hundreds of online casinos on the internet that cater to the UK market, not all of these sites are safe to gamble with. And with so many options to choose from, making the right selection may be a little tricky.

We encourage you to choose any of the recommended UK gambling websites in this   when looking for an online casino to play your favorite games. You will be absolutely glad you did. However, remember to please gamble responsibly.

FAQs: Gambling Sites

What is a gambling site?

Gambling sites are exactly what they sound like; websites where you can gamble. There are many of these sites operating in the UK.

Can I gamble online for free?

Yes, you can! Promotions such as bookmaker offers and welcome bonuses mean you can gamble without making deposits with your own money.

What are the best gambling sites?

The best gambling sites in the UK are those that appear on our list above! Find all the best gambling websites at UKonlinecasinoguide.

Are online gambling sites legal in the UK?

Yes, they are! You can legal play on gambling sites in the UK and the online casino industry is regulated by the UKGC.

How do I know an online gambling site is legit?

A legit online gambling site will include a UKGC licence. Moreover, all of the featured casinos on UKonlinecasinoguide are legit.

Can I win real money on a gambling site?

Of course you can! There are plenty of real money gambling sites out there, many of which feature on the list above.

Do I have to download software to gamble online?

If you play on gambling sites via your browser, then you shouldn't need to download software. However, if you play on your mobile you may want to install a casino app.

Do I pay tax on gambling winnings in the UK?

No, punters do not need to pay tax on their gambling winnings in the UK; gambling sites, however, do pay tax.

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