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Scratch cards are not the conventional casino gaming options, but these gambling cards certainly embody what gambling games are about – simple gameplay, excitement, and plenty chances to win. The best part is that they offer a lot of variety. You can enjoy everything from instant win scratch card options to progressive style games offering massive jackpot prizes to the lucky jackpot winner. There’s much more to these versatile games, and this article will shed light on all you need to know, as well as the best scratch cards for UK players.

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What are Scratch Cards?

Scratch cards are gambling cards featuring silver latex material that can be “scratched’ off to reveal computer-generated patterns of numbers and symbols. They are often designed in a 3×3 grid, and the objective of the gameplay is to get enough matching symbols and win any associated jackpot prizes. They’re like buying a lottery ticket where you get instant win prizes instead of waiting for the draw.

Scratchies, as they’re often called, have a history that dates back to the 1970s. They were first produced by one of the oldest casino software companies, the legendary Scientific Games Corporation. Of course, casino gambling was limited to land-based establishments at the time. So the brand of scratchies were sold by physical agents and vendors. Due to their popularity among all age groups, they were quickly adopted as part of the product range of state and national lotteries.

Moving to the virtual scene, online scratch cards deliver a whole new experience. They feature more fun themes and different versions. Also, instead of simply scratching a latex panel, these games are accompanied by animated effects, cool soundtracks, and a generally more immersive environment. In addition, they’re a lot easier to access.

How to Play Scratch Cards Online

Playing online scratch cards is the same as physical scratch cards. You buy a ticket, scratch off the panel, and see if you’ve won instant prizes or not. Of course, with online scratchies, you can’t physically scratch off the silver latex panel. Instead, you have to tap the controls on the screen to reveal the hidden pattern.

Here’s a quick three-step approach on how to play scratch card games online:

    1. Head to any of the best UK scratch card casino sites and pick a title of your choice.
    2. Check the pay table section to know the payout pattern, available jackpots, the values of the different symbols, and how many you need to get a payout.
    3. Click on the panels to reveal the outcome. Sometimes, by pressing the appropriate button, the software displays all results automatically.

While the gameplay with scratch cards is always straightforward, the objective or conditions for a win can vary. Some gambling cards will require you to match identical symbols. Others may require you to collect a particular symbol or number. Either way, this information will usually be displayed on the gaming screen itself or in the info section.

How to Find the Game Number on a Scratch Card

Game numbers have long been an important requirement for winning the lottery as it is necessary to redeem your win prizes or jackpots. They are also essential to identify the version of the game when gambling scratch cards. To locate them, simply:

    1. Purchase your scratch card ticket.
    2. Look for a serial code located below the barcode on the back of the card.
    3. Pick out the first three digits in the code, in the format “000.” For instance, given the code 120-0074692-823, the game number is 120.

It’s worth noting that scratchies on sale over the years have featured different serial code lengths. The code can be as long as 14 digits. Nevertheless, you simply need to identify the first cluster of digits.

How to Get the Best Chances of Winning with a Scratch Card

Like lotteries (and most casino games), winning scratch cards is entirely up to chance. Every card features random symbols, and there’s no way to know what outcomes you’ll get. However, although you can’t influence the outcome, you can maximize your chances of winning by following a handful of tips:

Play at Licensed and Regulated Casino Sites

To win scratch card prizes, you need to play with real money. Hence, it’s essential that you open a gaming account with a reputable and secure operator.

Go for a Higher RTP Scratch Card

Online scratch cards like other virtual casino games have a payout percentage or RTP. Higher RTP games are designed to be more profitable. Scratch cards generally have lower than average payout rates. Nonetheless, you should aim for those with the highest theoretical returns.

Check the Variance

With low variance, you can win scratch games more often, but the value of the rewards will be limited. On the contrary, high variance games will only award a winning card once in a while, but the amounts will be larger. Low variance is better suited for a low-risk bankroll and vice versa.

Buy Multiple Tickets

The more chances you take, the higher the probability of landing a winning card. However, you should also consider the price of the tickets relative to your potential wins. If there are instant jackpot prizes, check how high they are.

Customer Service

When playing scratchies at the casino, customer service is available to help with any problem or inquiries you may have. These include how to sign up for a casino account, how to redeem your prizes when you win scratch cards, and everything in-between.

Players can contact the support team at any time of the day using multiple methods, including telephone, e-mail, a telegram form, and live chat. The latter is the fastest way to reach customer service, as it allows you to communicate with a casino representative in real-time through a chat box.

Players in Britain can also get assistance thanks to the FAQ section. On the FAQ page, you can find all the most pertinent questions and their replies without needing to contact the casino directly. For the best customer service, endeavor to play at casino sites that are licensed and regulated by a reputable authority like the UK Gambling Commission.

Scratch Cards FAQ

What are scratch card games?

Scratch Card games are gambling games where you have to scratch off a panel to reveal numbers hidden beneath. The gameplay rules are similar to those on how to win lottery tickets. Scratch cards are no longer just an alternative to gambling cards on Blackjack or betting on other casino classics. They’ve become a niche category at the casino and have a growing player base.

What are the odds of winning?

The possibility to win scratch cards depends on the kind of gaming card you play. Casinos can also slightly influence the odds, but it has to be in line with the provisions of the UK Gambling Commission. When a jackpot prize is involved, the more players buy into the jackpot, the less chance each player has to win.

How do online scratch cards work?

The objective of scratch cards is to get a payout by landing lucky results. Online, the software does most of the work, so the gameplay is even more straightforward. Scratchies feature computer-generated symbols, and at the virtual casino, the RNG is responsible for ensuring random outcomes.

How do I play a scratch card game?

To play these exciting games, simply create a customer account with a licensed and regulated casino operator. Search Scratch Card games titles and choose your preferred one. You can select multiple cards at a time, and the accumulated price will be your total money bet. Playing multiple cards also increases your chance to win the scratch lottery.

Are scratch card games available on mobile devices?

Yes, scratchcards are available to play on a range of mobile devices, iOS and Androids included. With mobiles, you get to enjoy the simple and fun gameplay. Even better, mobile play enables gaming on the go. Hence, you can enjoy your favourite game card titles or win lottery prizes anywhere and anytime.

Do scratch card games have jackpots?

Yes, scratchcards do indeed have jackpots. They can be fixed prize jackpots, local progressives, or million dollar network progressives. Where a game card is part of a jackpot, the reward can trigger randomly on any spin. The best games could offer the million-dollar jackpots.

Is there a wide variety of scratch card games?

At the best casino sites, you will find dozens of game card varieties. Popular types include Fixed Price Scratch Cards, Variable Price Instant Win, Lottery Scratch Cards, and Bingo Lottery Scratch Cards. Others take different themes such as Jackpots Scratch Cards, Blackjack Scratch Cards, Slot Scratchcards, and more.

Do online scratch cards expire?

Generally, scratch cards last for up to 9 months from the time they were released. Also, any wins you earn from a scratch card have to be claimed within 180 days. However, online scratchies are RNG-generated. Therefore, there isn’t an expiry date, and winnings will usually be paid to your player account automatically. » Games » Best Online Scratch Cards UK
Last updated: 27/06/2022