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Online casinos in the UK are covered by ukonlinecasinoguide, a knowledge resource geared towards individuals from the UK. Our goal is to provide accurate information to players before they decide which online casino to play at. In addition to our comprehensive casino reviews, guides, and informative tips, we provide all relevant information about each casino (bonus terms, wagering requirements, payment methods, games, support, etc.). Our casino affiliate program is an international leader in the industry, so if you think it’s something you’re interested in, then you’re in the right place. Our team is constantly looking for new talent!
Interested in working in the UK online sports betting and casino industry? Please contact us if you have any expertise and interest. is a dynamic workplace that values creativity and passion. If you enjoy journalism, technology, and the gambling industry, we would love to hear from you.

Ukonlinecasinoguide full-time job positions available

Senior Digital Editor at ukonlinecasinoguide (Full-time)

Full-time job requirements:

ukonlinecasinoguide freelance job positions available

Freelance copywriter at ukonlinecasinoguide (Remote) THIS IS A LINK

Freelance graphic designer at ukonlinecasinoguide (Remote) THIS IS A LINK

Requirements for a freelance job:

The different types of online gambling companies

Below is a brief overview of what makes up the iGaming and online casino industry:


It’s essentially a website that provides information about operators. Affiliate sites are either owned by operators or they perform some kind of marketing activity for them. The operator pays a small commission for every player who signs up through an affiliate link.


Players sign up at an operator’s site, make a deposit, start playing casino games and/or making a bet. Operators advertise and promote themselves by offering various games and betting options.

Game providers

There is a formal program in place between the operators and the game providers in order to facilitate the licensing of games and the payment of a fee. When the operator’s website hosts the game provider’s games, that game is referred to as a game provided by the game provider.

Payment Providers

The payment provider is the bank, e-wallet, bank-to-bank service or other financial institution that is used by operators to transfer money from players to bettors. Players and bettors deposit money via the payment provider, which then processes it.


The iGaming industry is overseen and regulated by gambling regulators. They likewise issue licenses to operators so that they can offer games of chance or sports betting to players. They also resolve player-operator issues.

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Are you interested in working for the ukonlinecasinoguide in the near future? If so, then it would be appreciated if you could send us a CV and a cover letter through the Contact Us page in order to submit your application.

Careers at ukonlinecasinoguide FAQs

Do you work with freelancers based outside UK?

It goes without saying that we are always looking for the finest talent. For writing roles, we would prefer to employ native English speakers from the UK. That's because the English language has a number of subtleties that vary from region to region. For some roles, time zone differences may make things more difficult. However, we would be willing to accommodate the right candidate if it's the right fit. Moreover, there are certain phrases and ways that only a British person would use in certain situations.

What are the main benefits to working at ukonlinecasinoguide?

It is our collaborative nature, flat hierarchy, and startup mindset that set us apart from our competition. We have mentioned some of the most important benefits above. On top of this, full-time employees have access to a generous holiday allowance as well as flexible working hours. In addition, they are also eligible for on-the-job training.

Do you have part-time roles as well as full-time?

Occasionally, we may consider part-time positions for our staff. However, the decision is heavily influenced by the job or freelancer contract that we are offering at the moment. Our company is growing, so this page is going to get busier and busier with time. If you keep checking back on this page regularly, you will be one of the first to know about any part-time or short-term contract positions that we will be offering. You can see each of our open positions listed above for more information about our roles.

Can I send a speculative application to ukonlinecasinoguide?

In case we do not have a position at the moment that interests you, please do not hesitate to apply speculatively. You never know - we might just be missing out on your unique skills that we didn't realise we were lacking. Please include in your application a cover letter, a resume, as well as reasons why you believe you will make a wonderful addition to the ukonlinecasinoguide team. A portfolio of your past work is also required. Good luck with your application. » Careers
Last updated: 20/01/2023